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635 outstanding public technologies are shown in one place.(News Letter No. 490)



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1. 635 outstanding public technologies are shown in one place.

-A ‘2022 government-linked public technology transfer and commercialization road show’ was held on September 21, 2022

The ‘2022 government-linked public technology transfer and commercialization road show’ to promote the transfer and commercialization of an outstanding public technology to a private entity was held on September 21, 2022 by the Ministry of Science and Technology Information and Communication, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries and KIPO.

Last year, 5 government departments participated in this event which was started under the sponsorship of KIPO and the Ministry of SMEs and Startups (2013) and this year 6 government departments including the Ministry of Environment participated.

In this event, 635 promising technologies in commercialization which each government department had found among the outstanding public technologies created by the government R&D investment were introduced, and a technology transfer consultation was provided to a company needing it.

Detailed information of the 635 technologies was presented in advance in the official website (ipbiz-roadshow.com), to perform an effective field consultation with a public technology holding institution through a prior request from a company interested in the technology.

In addition, online consultation will be available for a business person having difficulty in participating the event due to COVID-19, etc., and the operation of this website will be extended to the end of this year such that the technology transfer consultation is to be continued after the event.

In this event, an award ceremony was held for high-performing institutes in IP management with excellent IP creation and utilization ability and results.

IP points which can be used for fees for filing a patent application and for annual registration, etc. are given to the university and public research institute selected as the high-performing institutes in IP management.

2. KIPO strengthens IP policy-related communication and cooperation with local government.

-A ‘14th council of local IP policy’ was held for local IP development.

On September 15, 2022, KIPO held the ‘14th council of local IP policy’ for the policy communication and cooperation reinforcement with local governments.

This 14th council was arranged as a part of positive administration to improve local small or medium company’s IP competitiveness and to share communication about a local economic development plan through IP.

In this council, KIPO, Korea Invention Promotion Association, those in charge of IP of 17 municipal movements, and a director of each local IP center attended to discuss the directions of local IP policy (such as a plan to efficiently operate a local IP center, a direction to develop a local IP, a support for IP-utilizing foundation and growth, etc.), to share the related difficulties and to seek solutions.

Further, this council was to share a good case of a global IP star company and to raise the awareness of the IP importance through a lecture on ‘a plan to protect a trademark of a local government office’.

3. Camera and LiDAR for vehicles take the initiative of the self-driving era.

-Korean companies have fought well in the IP5’s competition in filing applications.
-Hyundai Motors took 2nd place in the LiDAR technology, Samsung Electronics took 5th place and LG Electronics took 6th place in the camera technology.

In last July, the European Union carried out the new ‘vehicle general safety regulations’, to make mandatory ‘advanced driver assistant systems (ADAS)’ to protect passengers’ and pedestrians’ safety. These rules will immediately apply to new vehicle types and to all new European vehicles from July 2024. Accordingly, the growth and competition of the object recognition technology, such as a camera, LiDAR, etc. which are essential to implement the ADAS’s function, are expected to be accelerated.

According to KIPO, the number of the patent applications relating to a camera and LiDAR for a self-driving vehicle filed in IP5 increased by an annual average of 37% over the last 10 years (11~2020), with an increase of about 17 times from 143 in 2011 to 2,395 in 2020.

Prior to 2013, the number of LiDAR-related applications was greater than that of camera-related applications. However, after that, the number of the camera-related applications was more than that of the LiDAR-related applications. In 2020, the number of the camera-related applications was 1,525 and the number of the LiDAR-related applications was 870.

This is considered as relating to the new technology development that AI has been combined to a camera technology and a 3-dimentional recognition technology through a stereo camera has been developed to identify an object.

By the nationality of an applicant, in the camera technology area, Japan occupied the highest percentage with 33.2%, followed by China (21.5%), South Korea (19.4%), US (15.7%) and Europe (6.7%).

In the LiDAR technology area, US was the highest with 39.7%, followed by China (14.3%), Japan (13.7%), Europe (13.2%) and South Korea (12.8%).

By the applicant filing many applications based on technology, traditional automakers or parts makers were mainstream in the LiDAR technology; whereas, electronics and telecommunications companies were active in filing the applications in the camera technology.

As to the camera technology, 1. Sony took 1st place with 455 applications (5.9%), 2. Baidu with 405 (5.3%), 3. Cannon with 325 (4.2%), 4. Panasonic with 303 (4.0%), 5. Samsung Electronics with 299 (3.9%), and 6. LG Electronics with 276 (3.6%).

Especially, STRADVISION, a Korean venture company, ranked 7th with 266 (3.5%), showing the expansion of startup companies as well as big companies, such as Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics, is clear to brighten the outlook.

As to the LiDAR technology, 1. WAYMO ranked 1st with 271 (5.7%), 2. Hyundai Motor with 248 (5.2%), 3. GM with 189 (4.0%), 4. Toyota with 125 (2.6%) and 5. BOSCH with 120 (2.5%), showing that companies of various nationalities filed many of the relevant applications.

4. A win-win of big and small and medium companies is supported by promoting an excellent patent technology transfer.

-KIPO and Samsung Electronics held a presentation of technology cooperation and investment attraction (Biz technology presentation).

On September 7, 2022, KIPO, Korea Intellectual Property Strategy Agency and Samsung Electronics held the presentation of technology cooperation and investment attraction (Biz technology presentation) in the AT center, to promote shared growth of big, small and medium companies through technology transfer of an outstanding patent.

This presentation was arranged to expand an opportunity for the technology cooperation and investment attraction of small and medium companies and venture companies to which the patent technologies of universities and public research institutes have been transferred. The presentation was attended by about 200 people including executives and researchers of 66 great partnership agencies of Samsung Electronics to seek a new technology development and a new business opportunity.

In the presentation, the cases of universities’ and public research institutes’ successful patent technology transfer and commercialization and the IP strategies to realize high value R&D were published.

The presentation also introduced the outstanding technologies related to 34 eco-friendly materials, high-performance materials and parts, high-performance and high-efficiency equipment, which were recommended by Korea Intellectual Property Strategy Agency, Korea Invention Promotion Association and Korea Environmental Industry and Technology Institute.

It also provided the technology transfer consultation regarding 162 outstanding patents, such as semiconductors, mobiles, home appliances, etc. which were open by Samsung Electronics. Further, the project to strengthen a technology commercialization capacity by Korea SMEs and Startups Agency and to support a trade secret protection by Korea Intellectual Property Protection Agency were explained and the consultations thereof were provided.

5. 5G network market which has been hotter

-In terms of ranking in the number of the relevant applications filed in IP5, Korean companies stood out with Samsung Electronics taking 2nd place.

According to KIPO, the number of the multi-access edge computing-related patent applications filed in IP5 rapidly increased by an annual average of 58% over the last 5 years (2016~2020), showing an increase of more than 6 times, from 294 in 2016 to 1,848 in 2020.

The multi-access edge computing technology is that, instead of a central computer located in the remote distance (core network), a computing server of a base station or a computing server near the base station to process information enables super-fast real-time services to users and all things (ex. Internet of Things, self-driving, etc.) accessed to the edge of a network. The multi-access edge computing technology is used for the 5-generation (5G) network services with super-fast and hyperconnectivity, such as IoT, smart city, smart factory, self-driving, etc.

By each of IP5, China filed the most applications, 36.2%, followed by US (32.6%), Europe (12.9%), South Korea (12.2%), Japan (6.0%). By the nationality of an applicant, China ranked 1st with 37.9%, followed by US (22.3%), Europe (14.0%), South Korea (13.8%) and Japan (9.9%).

In the terms of ranking in the number of the relevant applications, 1. Huawei was 1st (548 applications), 2. Samsung Electronics (459), 3. Nokia (445), 4. Intel (336) and 5. Verizon (213). Especially, Samsung Electronics ranked 2nd place and went out to secure patent rights.

In the terms of ranking of Korean companies, 1. Samsung Electronics was 1st (327), 2. SK (33) and 3. LG (27), showing that the electronics and telecommunication companies stood out in filing the relevant applications.

In terms of ranking in the number of the applications filed by Korean companies, the small and medium companies and venture companies, such as KUL CLOUD, PIAMOND, etc. recorded their name so a good fight is expected.


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