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KIPTAB shares the information in the trial field with Europe, Japan and China(News Letter No. 409)



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1. KIPTAB shares the information in the trial field with Europe, Japan and China

The president of the Korea Intellectual Property Trial and Appeal Board (KIPTAB) invites the president of the Boards of Appeal (BoA) of EU Patent Office (EPO), the executive director general of the Patent Reexamination and Invalidation Department (PRID) of China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) and the director general of the Trial and Appeal Department (TAD) of Japanese Patent Office (JPO), to open an international seminar for patent trials.

In this seminar, KIPTAB, BoA, PRID and TAD will proceed with presentation and discussion focused on the major recent concerns, the core cases and the policy directions in the trial field of the participating nations.

The presentation programs by these nations will be as follows:
Korea -citation rate, and problems, improvement and major policy direction of the correction system
EU - plan to reduce the amount of standby trials, authority change and re-organization and policy direction
China - effort to improve advance procedures for oral trial, and early stabilization of right of the objection system
Japan - reorganization to strengthen IP policy, and increase of the amount of compensation for damage in patent/trademark infringement

This seminar will be attended by about 200 people including the representatives and entourage of the four countries leading the IP field, the staff in charge of IP of Korean companies and lawyers and patent attorneys, etc.

2. AI-based smart patent administration is realized to pull administration renovation

The Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) starts the first-year development project of a five-year plan to build a next-generation patent net.

KIPO held a report meeting of starting the next-generation patent net development project to renovate patent administration using artificial intelligence (AI).

The patent net is the information system to process overall patent administration work including the filing of applications for patent, utility model, trademark and design, the examination of the applications, the registration thereof, trials, etc.

KIPO opened the first-generation patent net in 1999, opening an internet electronic filing era for the first time in the world, the second-generation patent net which was ubiquitous in 2005, and the third-generation cloud based patent net in 2012, providing advanced patent administrative services.

The fourth-generation patent net will carry forward to realize a “smart patent administration” to work more efficiently and to innovatively enhance the convenience for people by applying the intelligence information technology, like AI, to the patent administration.

Even after the patent customer center is closed, the smart patent administration to be realized with the fourth-generation patent net is available to civil petitioners anytime and anywhere by connecting to an AI patent chat-bot. So, people can easily and conveniently consult regarding the filing, examining and registering an application.

3. KIPO held a first Korea-Vietnam IP protection conference

KIPO, the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam (NOIP), the Vietnamese Market Surveillance Agency (MSA) and Anti-Smuggling andInvestigation Department(ASID) held the first Korea-Vietnam IP protection conference in the Seoul office of KIPO.

This conference was held by taking the opportunity of an MOU to strengthen the cooperation in IP protection and execution which was concluded by KIPO and MSA and ASID in May 2018. Based on this MOU, KIPO has closely cooperated for the IP protection of the Korean companies advanced in Vietnam.

The matters discussed in this conference were: the progress of controlling the companies taking a ride in the Korean wave (Hallyu) in Vietnam, the NOIP’s plan to deal with the preoccupancy of a trademark without notice, and the two nations’ mutual cooperation plan to control the distribution of counterfeit products in Vietnam.

4. KIPO held a briefing session of filing and registering an application and a PCT application

KIPO held a briefing session regarding the filing and registering of an application in Korea and abroad for the companies, thepatent office staff and the public.

The main contents were ▲ understanding of the formality examination of an application ▲ improvement of the registration system ▲understanding of a Madrid•Hague international application ▲understanding of a PCT international application and use of ePCT ▲understanding of the electronic application filing system ▲introduction of a 2019 electronic application development plan. The relevant experts presented the topics and questioned and answered regarding these contents.

Since this briefing session included not only the matters of Korean application filing and registration systems but also matters related to the agreement/treaty of international applications for patent, trademark, design, which are difficult to approach, it was expected to be substantially helpful to clients preparing the filing of an application in Korea and other countries.

Further, this briefing session was a chance to learn about a web-filing service which makes it possible to file an application without installing special software, to be reflected in the future electronic application filing system.


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